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About the new questions

New questions on the Census Pilot Survey 2018

The Census Pilot Survey is used to test new and changed questions in advance of the next census, which will take place in 2021.  New work practices and processes are tested also.  Looking at the statistics resulting from the Census Pilot Survey will be one of the main deciding factors in Census 2021 form content. Therefore, we value hugely the help the people in participating households give us by completing the Pilot Survey form. There are two main forms in use in the Pilot Survey, Form A and Form B.  Both forms contain new/changed questions. Form A maintains the same wording as the Census 2016 forms, while Form B includes different versions of the questions which will allow us to do comparisons between the data gathered. 

New question topics include renewable energy sources, smoke alarms, smoking, volunteering, childcare, home working and citizenship.  These topics were selected as a result of a public consultation process. Examples of the new questions are included below. Forms in Detail page will give further information on all of the questions on the forms.

The following questions are on both Form A and Form B

Household Question 7: Does your accommodation use any of the following renewable energy sources?

Renewable energy usage in our homes is becoming a very significant part of our overall energy consumption.

Household Question 12: How many working smoke alarms are in your accommodation?

Having working smoke alarms is recognised as a key factor in helping to reduce fires and fire damage.  The answers to this question will help us asssess the use of smoke alarms in our homes.

Household Question 13: Is Irish the main spoken language of your household?

Your answer to this question will help us to better understand the extent to which our native language is used in our homes.

Question 8: Are you a tenant where you usually live?

This information will help us to identify changes in housing tenure in particular the numbers of people owning/renting their home in each area.

Question 15: Did you grow up in a household where Irish was the main spoken language?

The answers will help to analyse the influence of growing up in an Irish-language household and on the use of the language and fluency in using it in later life.

Question 19: Do you smoke tobacco products?

Smoking is an important factor in people’s health status and your answers here will help to provide a picture of the prevalence of smoking in our population.

Question 24 in Form A and question 26 in Form B: Do you regularly engage in helping or voluntary work in any of the following activities without pay?

Volunteers make a vital contribution to many organisations across the country. Your answer(s) will provide a picture of the numbers of volunteers as well as the areas and types of organisations in which they volunteer.

Question 36 in Form A and Question 39 in Form B: If you are aged under 15, are you in any type of childcare?

Answers to this question will help provide a clearer picture of the types of childcare being used today. 

The following questions are on Form B only

Question 11: What is your country of citizenship?

Information on the citizenship of the people living in Ireland is an important part of understanding our changing society.  It helps to better understand patterns of migration.

What time do you usually leave work, school, college or childcare?

Your answers will provide important information which will help us to understand the return journey home from work/school/college/childcare to give a fuller picture for transport analysis.  This will help us to better understand and plan for transport and childcare needs in your area and nationally.

If you are at work, do you ever work from home?

Your answers will help us to put together a picture of the numbers of people who work from home, and how often they do so.  This will help us to better understand working patterns, which is an important part of the economic picture of our country.

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